One day you will look back on this day and remember where you were when it all happened.

And when you do look back at where you were and realize exactly what had happened, you will either feel like many of the people in this video..

Changed Forever..


you will be still in the place you were when it happened..

doing the same ole things you were doing when it happened...

and wishing you had taken action before it happened...

“Opportunities are rare in this life, and fairness, rarer still. So, when you discover a fair opportunity, go after as if it were your last because it very well might be. ― Joel T. McGrath

This is a fair opportunity... whatcha' gonna do?

Hoping to see you on the right side of history,
-Barry Canada


Believe, Feel The Freedom, And Make History! Blog Beast Is Launching Friday :-)

 With the launch our new "Blog Beast" platform right around the corner, our company our leadership and our affiliates are more excited than ever to bring a game-changing product to the market place, jam-packed with the power of our community and our amazing people.

The time to step into your power is: NOWDo it. Unleash your inner BeastMode, and let's lock arms and change the world -- one person at a time.

Special thanks to all those who have supported this amazing launch, the tireless work our team has put in to make this all happen, and the support of our affiliates and leadership who are best in class and second to none! If you asked them though - they'd say "it's all worth is, because of the people's lives it impacts positively"... and they're right.

Join us. Let's rock this. The Blog Beast launches Friday October 18th, 2013!

-Dave Sharpe

"Co-Founder of Empower Network"

ps: Leave me your comments below!

-The EN Team


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Halloween Costumes for You & Friends

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22 Creative Group Halloween Costumes to Wear With Friends (Mashable)

Tackling Halloween as a group cranks up the ghoulish fun. Whether you're harvesting candy from your neighbors or hitting up grandma's annual Halloween rager, you and your posse want to boast the best costumes in the room. See also: 12 Perfectly Pun-derful Costume Ideas Combine forces with your friends, acquaintances and strangers with crafting skills by collaborating on one of these clever group Halloween costumes for whatever bash you wander into this year. Which costumes would you and your friends rock? Let us know in the comments. Read more...More about Lists, Family, Group, Theme, and Fall..

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How a Bath Without Water Can Make You Millions

A Bath without water is probably the last thing you would ever expect me to write A Bath Without Water (DryBath)about, right?

Well, I am just as surprised as you.

The twist to this story is that: 1) it’s possible 2) millions of people are doing it and 3) someone earned millions of dollars by inventing it.

A Bath Without Water is actually a product called DryBath, and it was created by a student entrepreneur from South Africa. Read and watch his story below:

A Bath Without Water…

TED: Ludwick Marishane: A bath without water – Ludwick Marishane (2012)


“If you had to walk a mile for a jug of water every day, as millions of people do, it’s unlikely you’d use that precious water to bathe. Young entrepreneur Ludwick Marishane tells the amazing, funny story of how he invented a cheap, clean and convenient solution: DryBath, the world’s first bath-substituting lotion.”

If a Bath Without Water is Possible, What More Can We Invent?

Ludwick Marishane asked this question in the video: “If I can do this with my limited resources, what’s stopping you?”

I think that’s a fair question to ask. For many, it might be lack of a great idea. For others, it may be lack of time. And then for many, it might just be that you’re unaware that the thoughts in your head could create millions of dollars for you.

Let’s discuss the last reason, because that is common for many people out there.

A Bath without Water, A Remedy for Allergic Reactions…

I am reminded of a story told by one of my mentors several months ago. He was tellign the story about his daughter, who happens to be allergic to some content found in certain foods. His wife started using some home remedy that she had used for years, which would instantly deal with their daughter’s allergic reactions.

Now, his wife was unaware that there were others out there who were also allergic to whatever content this was in certain foods, until she saw someone mention it on a Facebook status. She saw the status and quickly offered up her solution.

This didn’t lead to her earning millions (not yet anyway), but it did lead to her sharing this home remedy and others that she often uses for various illnesses.

What’s Stopping you from – taking a bath without water?

All of us know something that we can share with others. Some of these ideas will help a few people, like the home remedy for allergic reactions. But, then there are those ideas that, if we fully pursue them, might be the next great invention, like A Bath Without Water (DryBath).

Earn Money without a BathLearn how we’ve helped thousands of “average” people

finally make money online

(with a brand new “no selling” approach)

Take A Bath Without Water… or Just Try This!


Lose Weight by Blogging…

is a post that I wrote several months ago at Lose Weight by Blogging (on the Work with Barry Canada domain). I wrote that post to share with my audience this unique concept Lose Weight by Bloggingthat allows you to actually lose weight by blogging, generate a ton of attention from your efforts, and earn an insanely amount of money during the entire process.

That Lose Weight by Blogging…

post got quite a bit of attention, even though it was poorly written. I went in and cleaned it up a little bit and backlinked it to one of the pages on my Empower Blog that talks about our Marketing System.


Because this domain and the Empower Network Marketing System is part of the…

Lose Weight by Blogging Concept.

Let me explain how this concept works…

To lose weight by blogging requires you to commit to actually wanting to lose weight. That is your first hurdle, my friend.

I don’t care if you actually believe in it, but it helps to start out with some sort of a commitment, an idea in your head that you are ready to lose the weight.

I will give you a second to plant that idea…

Okay, have you made your commitment to losing weight?
(I trust that your head is nodding north and south)

Ready to lose weight by blogging now?


Next, you are going to create your workout and diet plan for the next 90 days… Come on, it’s not that difficult. Just search brother Google for a weight loss and diet plan.

And, don’t worry, the key to achieving your goal isn’t in the weight loss plan, it’s in the blogging plan ~ hmmmm…

Now, to lose weight by blogging, you are going to need an audience, a group of people who can challenge you and keep you honest throughout this weight loss journey. It can be someone who is also interested in losing weight.

If you have some friends who want to join in with you, invite them all. The more the merrier!

If you have some folks at work or in the neighborhood, they will work too. Again, this is not so important… Because we are going to create for you the perfect audience in the next few steps…

Lose weight by blogging requires…

that you have a camera to record (and broadcast) your progress, and a blog to journal, publicize and make money showing people just how you were able to shed the weight during your 90 day weight loss challenge.

Ready for the Lose Weight By Blogging “SECRET” Ingredient?

As you may have been able to figure out, you’re looking at the SECRET ingredient.

The blogging platform that is most preferred by weight loss specialist is WordPress, and the authority domain and marketing system that is widely preferred by successful Internet Marketers is: the Empower Network Marketing System.

You’re probably asking yourself, how am I going to lose weight by blogging?

Geez.. have you been listening?

Here’s the…

Lose Weight By Blogging Weight Loss Plan
  1. Commitment
  2. 90 day Diet & Workout Plan
  3. An Audience or Partners
  4. Camera & Empower Blog

the next few steps are byproducts of this weight loss plan

5. Money earned from all of the attention, success, and authority from this domain
6. An actual fitness trainer that you can hire with all of the extra money you made
7. Renewed life, more confidence, more respect, happiness, peace, lots of friends…….

#7 runs on forever, and it’s whatever you want out of life… just add it there!

This is the plan…

… this is the way to lose weight by blogging, while also improving your quality of life!

Lose Weight By BloggingLearn how we’ve helped thousands of “average” people

finally make money online

(with a brand new “no selling” approach)

Get Your Lose Weight By Blogging Weight Loss Plan

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